What is a lash fill?

Both services start with the removal of long or overly large eyelash extensions and then replace them and apply new extensions. Once your customer has a full set of eyelash extensions, they'll need to come periodically to fill them in. Eyelash extension fillers are simply new lashes that are placed on top of natural lashes when the old ones are about to fall out. It is necessary to fill in the eyelashes to add new extensions to the natural lashes that have grown in the meantime.

If you skip the regular eyelash filler, you'll probably need to put your full set back on. Refilling your lashes every 2 or 3 weeks is essential for your lashes to look their best. Depending on your aftercare and your natural eyelash cycle, you may need to refill your lashes after 2 weeks, or you may need one after 3 weeks. In early adolescence, natural lashes (which are usually less than 3 mm or 0.1 inches long) grow much faster than lashes in the later stages of the growth cycle.

This set includes velvet eyelash adhesive, under-eye gel patches, curved dolphin-shaped tweezers and Azara eyelash tweezers. Refills maintain the dense appearance of the eyelashes and prevent damage due to eyelashes growing too big and heavy. Ideally, your customer should come every two to four weeks, but longer wait times may mean that it will take longer to fill in the tabs, as more tabs will need to be filled in. With two sets of tweezers, grab a natural eyelash with one clip and an extension with the other, then gently pull them apart vertically in two directions.

As long as you follow the time guidelines between a full session and a refill appointment, your eyelashes should have a density of between 70 and 100% or more, compared to a full session after this appointment. Since each eyelash is in a different stage of this cycle at any given time, you will constantly lose your natural lashes. In addition to sticky eyelashes, there will be some eyelashes that are no longer large and you will have to remove them, as well as other eyelashes that will fall out, leaving gaps that you will have to fill in, and you will learn to apply volume. This set includes Promade volume fans, velvet adhesive for eyelashes, gel patches for under the eyes, breathable tape and medical eyelash extension tape.

So how to solve this problem? You should educate your customers and explain to them that, since you've had to remove most of the overgrown eyelashes and you've charged for a COMPLETE series (most will understand), it will NOT happen at every appointment with every refill, but it could happen every third or fourth refill for most customers. Even if you clean them regularly, there will be some dirt and dirt left behind and you should remove all the extensions so that your natural lashes have time to breathe and recover. Your customer should come every 2 or 3 weeks, but longer wait times may mean that filling in the tabs takes longer because there will be more tabs to fill in.

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