What does it mean when you have long eye lashes?

Eyelash trichomegaly is the increase in the length, curling, pigmentation, or thickness of the eyelashes. The various causes include congenital syndromes, acquired conditions, and medications. It can occur at birth or occur later in life. It may be part of the spectrum of manifestations of some congenital syndromes.

Eyelash trichomegaly can have several different causes. These causes can include both genetic and environmental inheritance (such as the side effects of certain medications). Therefore, many of us turn to eyelash extensions, mascara, growth serums and eyelash curlers to help us achieve this attractive trait. Some scientists believe that if eyelashes have any real function, it is to diffuse airflow that could threaten to dry out the eyeball, and that their length is generally determined in relation to the size of the eyeball itself and not to the gender of the mammal to which they belong.

There are a variety of causes of eyelash trichomegaly, including environmental factors and, yes, genetic inheritance. The LASH advanced eyelash conditioning serum contains all of the above ingredients and ensures that they are directed to the base of each eyelash using nanosome technology. Other scientists have found that particularly dark lashes, perhaps with eyelash enhancers such as mascara and eyeliner, help to emphasize the sclera (the whites of the eyes, whose brightness may indicate health and youth) and the limbal ring (the dark ring that surrounds the iris of the eye). To try to better understand what was happening, they took DNA samples from people with trichomegal eyelashes and compared them to the DNA of family members with shorter eyelashes.

On the one hand, the presence of healthy eyelashes can be a sign of general health; several diseases, disorders and congenital conditions can cause eyelash loss (sometimes referred to as milfosis or madarosis). My brother now has two young children with ornate eyelashes, and for what it's worth at press time, at least their eyelashes haven't met the same grim fate as their father's. After reading, you might want to buy yourself a pair of eyelash extensions to give that long eyelash look. Basically, we've all decided that, unlike almost any other type of body hair, the more luscious and longer the eyelashes, the more attractive the person who possesses them will look.

Even so, eyelashes have managed to become one of the few types of female body hair that falls into the category of “good”, emphasizes rather than “bad”, removes one and, for centuries, we have been imagining the presence of long, dark eyelashes to represent female beauty at the highest level. On the one hand, the eyes and mouth are more reliable “attraction magnets” on a woman's face than on a man's face, says Marianne LaFrance, professor of psychology and gender and sexuality studies at Yale. Similarly, the only facial difference between Robin Hood's incarnation at Disney and his female counterpart, Maid Marian, was, you guessed it, his black, fluttering eyelashes, and there's a multi-billion dollar industry based on the (strange) idea that when you add eyelashes to your car, you suddenly have a female car.

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