What do lash techs use?

Eyelash Extension Supplies 101: Your Complete Guide Different Types of Eyelash Extensions, Glue for Eyelash Extensions, Pretreatment and Primer, Eyelash Glue Remover, Eyelash Cleanser, Gel Pads for Eyelash Extensions, Other Must-Have Tools. Eyelash extension products are sold in different levels of thickness. When buying eyelashes, consider the diameter of the individual eyelashes. These tabs, for example, are sold in a.

These thin under-eye pads were created specifically for applying eyelash extensions. Its main purpose is to separate the lower eyelashes from the upper lashes and to keep the tweezers sharp and pointed away from the client's delicate eye area. Choose an eyelash cleanser suitable for eyelash extensions without oil or alcohol. Oil and alcohol can cause the adhesive to become brittle and cause premature peeling.

It's best to stay away from cleaners with these ingredients. These are brushes, microbrushes, gel pads, paper tapes, remover, primer, etc. You may find yourself in a sticky situation (literally) where an eyelash brush can't help you, but 90% of the time your eyelash brushes will support you. The cleanser is another item that will be indispensable for you as an eyelash professional, but also useful as an item to offer to your customers for purchase.

There are many reasons why people want to remove their eyelash extensions, but one of the most common is that they just want to start from scratch with a new set. It goes without saying that every item on your eyelash extensions supply list must be of the highest quality. Synthetic fibers are commonly used to make eyelash extensions, which are attached to the base of natural eyelashes with a strong but secure glue. You might want to consider adding a nourishing serum to your eyelash supply tray as a finishing touch to your extensions.

Since volume eyelashes are prefabricated or handmade, different glues are recommended for each type of application. If you don't tape the lower lashes together, there's a chance you can close your client's lashes with glue. S-shaped tweezers are important for creating voluminous eyelash fans and allow you to pick up several extensions at once. Eyelash beds are a popular option, but so are massage tables, so it's important to consider not only the client's comfort, but also your own when choosing a beauty salon bed, as this is what you will do all day, every day and you must ensure your comfort.

For more experienced artists or with private clients who want a specific eyelash style, Sugarlash also has curly eyelashes in M and L, which are useful for creating a kitten eyelash style for clients with hooded eyes. One of the most sought after types of curls, C-curls mimic the curve and shape of natural eyelashes and give customers a wide-eyed look that is subtle and attractive. When you're just starting out, an eyelash bed is probably one of the biggest investments you can make for your eyelash studio. You have to choose your eyelash adhesives carefully, since you can't store so many eyelash adhesives and you won't use most of them.

A primer removes all cosmetic residue from the client's eyelashes to promote the best possible adhesion when you're ready to start applying extensions. There are many different types of tweezers for eyelash extensions, and you may consider having several in your arsenal to use depending on the type of eyelashes being applied. .

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