Why do eyelash extensions cost so much?

The final price of the eyelashes may also include a maintenance fee. It's common for stylists to add an additional charge if they need to remove their makeup. Since eyelash extensions cannot stick to the mascara, artists must have a clean surface before any application. Therefore, remove all eye makeup before your appointment to avoid this charge.

Since an individual extension is applied to an individual eyelash, that extension will fall off by itself when the natural eyelash comes off. Once you know what look you want with the method (classic, hybrid or volume), you can choose between synthetic or mink eyelash extensions. I know that all the specialists in eyelash extensions tell you that they won't damage your natural eyelashes if done correctly, but maybe I only have very weak eyelashes, I would go to the best eyelash technicians, and every time my last extension fell out, they greeted me with natural eyelashes that were much shorter than when I started. The beauty of professional eyelash extensions is the variety of eyelash effects that beautify and complement your natural features.

If your goal is to reduce maintenance and you don't have to worry about applying false eyelashes or mascara every day and you want longer, fuller eyelashes, then eyelash extensions may be for you. The result was great (I woke up with a strip full of eyelashes and went to work without putting on any makeup), but after a week I started to wake up with my pillowcase covered with eyelashes, extensions and my own natural eyelashes. One of the scariest things about eyelash extensions is that the process isn't regulated in some states, such as Alabama, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho and Wisconsin. Maybe you're even considering a cheap and practical eyelash extension kit as an alternative to salon lashes.

While extensions aren't cheap, the advantage of going to the beauty salon is that you get a secure app and quality extensions that will last. This means that if eyelash extensions are more popular during graduation season, for example, you may end up paying a little more than you normally would at other times of the year. Yes, this may mean that extensions cost more money, but for this reason alone it's worth spending a few extra dollars on eyelash extensions. Applying eyelash extensions is a timely process, especially if you apply a volume set (hand-selected fans for a set of volumes take longer than applying individual eyelashes in a classic set).

There are different types of eyelash extensions that determine the cost, depending on the look you want. A cheap eyelash extension service may save you money at first, but it will cost you more money in the future if they actually harm your eyes. You pay for the technician's experience and skill level to successfully apply eyelash extensions.

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