Should you give your lashes a break from extensions?

Make sure the time is right. There's no hard and fast rule for how long you should go without extensions, but we recommend at least one month. This gives your lash cycle time to restart on its own, and those baby eyelashes will grow beautifully and strongly. The long-term use of synthetic eyelashes involves risks, especially with regard to the condition of natural eyelashes, since they suffer trauma to the eyelashes as they shorten, thin and weaken and, in some cases, the total loss of natural eyelashes may occur.

There is also a risk of medical eye problems, such as conjunctivitis and the long-term problem of blepharitis, which could mean that the future use of eyelash extensions is no longer considered. To ensure that natural eyelashes recover after the constant use of eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions should be removed every six to eight months to allow the eyelid line to be thoroughly cleaned after months of makeup and bacteria accumulation, and also for natural eyelashes to grow and thicken. We recommend a minimum break of two months after eyelash extensions to allow natural eyelashes to fully recover and regrow. With the best eyelash extensions in New York City, professional apps, and reliable eyelash technicians to help you with aftercare and maintenance, Ebenezer is the perfect choice to help you look and feel your best.

One of my clients came to the salon a couple of days before she booked the removal of eyelash extensions, worried that she wasn't doing the right thing by removing them and wanted a second opinion.

Désirée Bruski
Désirée Bruski

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