Can false eyelashes be reused?

The number of times you can stick and peel your eyelashes depends on the type of eyelashes you use. False eyelashes made of synthetic material can be reused up to five times. If you've just been to a beauty salon to have eyelash extensions applied, they're not reusable. Whether you have individual eyelash extensions, sparkles, or clusters, they can't be saved for reuse.

Over time, they'll fall out along with the natural lashes they're attached to, and you probably won't even notice it then. For more information on eyelash extensions, see our article “Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Eyelash Extensions”. Individual eyelash extensions are not reusable because they are semi-permanent eyelashes that are applied directly to natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are meant to be used for several weeks until the natural lashes to which they are attached fall out, taking the extensions with them.

So it's not practical or feasible to start collecting eyelash extensions once they fall out and expect to reuse them. So, good news for lovers of false eyelashes, because in fact you can clean and reuse your eyelashes to take advantage of their entire lifespan. To reuse false eyelashes, you must wash them properly and remove all makeup. Magnetic eyelashes are reusable; just make sure you get a good quality one and wipe them gently for future use.

Another advantage of magnetic eyelashes is that they are softer to the natural eye, so it's worth trying them out. Knowing how to sleep with eyelash extensions is important to prevent them from breaking and being cleaned while you sleep. After the eyelash extension is detached from natural eyelashes, part of the integrity of an extension disappears, unlike a new one. Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are certified eyelash stylists and the owners of Divine Lashes, a site for eyelash lovers to meet and learn more about eyelash extensions and lifts.

Read on to learn what types of false eyelashes can be reused and why eyelash extensions cannot be reused. In addition, you can't reapply an eyelash extension without an eyelash technician, even if you manage to collect a large number of them. It's safe to say that false eyelashes can be confusing and cloudy, so The Cut created a guide to help you find the perfect false eyelashes for you. False eyelashes can give you more dramatic and flirty lashes in an instant, making them a must have for many makeup bags.

So you want big, fluffy and dramatic lashes? You're going to have to look beyond the mask tube and focus on fakes. As with eyelash extensions, individual false eyelashes you apply at home may come off while you use them, making it difficult to preserve them for reuse. If you have a little more free time, famous makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who has worked with artists such as Rashida Jones, Kaley Cuoco and Busy Phillips, shared her foolproof way of cleaning your false eyelashes on Main Street, which should give us about a dozen uses per duo.

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