Is eyelash glue safe on skin?

Generally speaking, eyelash adhesive is safe to use on the skin, but be careful that no glue gets into your eyes. The adhesive in eyelash glue and the solvents used to remove it can cause poisoning and serious injury. Side effects include allergic reactions and damage to the cornea. In addition, eyelash extensions increase the risk of bacterial and fungal eye infections.

If you or someone you know has eyelash glue in their eyes, rinse it off and call the Missouri Poison Control Center right away. True Glue all-natural eyelash glue is a latex- and formaldehyde-free eyelash adhesive that is safe for sensitive eyes and eyelash extensions. Eyelash Emporium adhesives are of high purity and have been proven to be absolutely safe in the event of accidental contact with the skin, but they are still irritating and should never, ever be used to adhere directly to your client's skin. If you do, you risk closing your eyelids with glue, coming into contact with glue, or irritating the skin on your eyelids.

If you are thinking about applying false eyelashes and you know that you have allergic reactions to one or more of these ingredients, read the ingredients in the eyelash glue carefully and let the makeup artist know. Temporary eyelashes are placed above natural lashes, while semi-permanent lashes adhere to the natural eyelashes of the eye. Some adhesives used to apply temporary or semi-permanent eyelashes have ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions. If you think someone has gotten eyelash glue or swallowed it, call the poisoning helpline at 1-800-222-1222. Instead of using chewing gum or liquid latex to attach strings or rhinestones to your face, try eyelash glue.

A glue that doesn't damage the skin should be used, even if you're using a rhinestone or a gem that already has adhesive. Rub the top of the lashes with warm water, a makeup remover, or an eyelash makeup remover to help loosen the adhesive's grip. Once you've released the adhesive, gently pull one end of the false eyelash and peel it off the skin. As an ophthalmologist concerned with eye safety and also as a person who loves eyelash extensions, I have created a line of safe, high-quality eye cosmetics, OpulenceMD.

For false eyelashes, these things are great, but I keep an alternative latex-free eyelash glue in my makeup kit for models with allergies. Because your reaction isn't immediate, you might not easily associate it with eyelash extension glue at first.

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